About Us

Company Background Over 10 years of experience in the electronics packaging industry, TIM Consultants has the experience to remove heat from just about any source. Our core competency is the creation and manufacture of thermal interface grease, yet our experience dissipating heat from CPUs, has given us insight to the latest technologies heat sink manufacturers utilize such as the use of heat pipes, multiple base metallics, and high fin ratios. Working with the best materials, methods, and technologies, TIM Consultants can solve your overheating and reliability requirements. Please contact us to see how we can solve your most stringent thermal requirements. As the founder and creator of TIM Consultants, our company could not survive against our multi billion dollar competitors if we did not have an edge. That edge is Lean Six Sigma with Innovation. Utilizing the techniques used by Toyota and other quality organizations, TIM Consultants has combined Lean, Six Sigma and Innovation Techniques into one streamlined approach. This has enabled us to create the highest performing thermal material on the market from very limited resources. Imagine how we can transform your company into a competitive juggernaut utilizing not just the techniques that Toyota uses, but the best techniques from several companies into one combined approach. Allow me one hour of your time and let’s make history!