Matrix : TC Grease 0098

TIM-Consultants Thermal Interface Material

Original TIM Consultants Thermal Grease Silicone Backbone, Aluminum, Aluminum Oxide, Zinc Oxide filler Bondlines as thin as 2 mils and very low contact resistance for superior thermal impedance Very reliable – will maintain functionality under extreme conditions

T-C Grease™ 0098 is a silicone based, high performance thermal grease designed to meet the thermal, reliability and price requirements of CPUs, GPUs and custom ASICs chips. T-C Grease™ 0098 provides outstanding performance, reliability and stability; while not drying or pumping out. T-C Grease™ 0098 meets all environmental standards including RoHS.

T-C Grease™ 0098 is screen and stencil printable yielding an easy-to-apply material.

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