Thermal Engineering

Utilizing experience working with Tier 1 heat sink suppliers and their CPU manufacturer customers, TIM Consultants is on the forefront of heat dissipation technology. From heat source to ambient, we offer customized thermal packaged solutions that will help solve your thermal requirements for product iterations now and the future. Please contact us with your thermal and mechanical requirements to see how we can help.

Material Thermal Testing

Obtaining accurate and repeatable thermal results is critical to the development and commercialization of your thermal interface material. We use characterized processors, highly sensitive probes and adjustable fan controls that accurately and repeatedly achieve results that are ± 0.001 C. Please feel free to contact us to discover your materials true thermal resistance.

Lean Six Sigma

Regardless of the business segment, Lean Six Sigma with Innovation can be used to:

  • Eliminate wasted time and resources
  • Improve consistency
  • Build quality into workplace systems
  • Reduce defects
  • Find low-cost but reliable alternatives to expensive new technology
  • Obtain stability and capability
  • Add flexibility to your process to account for changing customer demand
  • Build a learning culture for continuous improvement
  • Foster innovation using the latest techniques

If your company has not been exposed to the processes of innovation, lean and/or six sigma, we guarantee that we will be able to significantly improve any key business metric (cycle time, revenue, capacity, changeover times, AR, AP, etc). Let us expose this powerful continuous improvement culture to your company today.

For more in depth information on Lean Six Sigma Training please contact us for your free consultation.